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Find out how Sense Scotland is managed and supported by key groups.

Our governing body is known as the Board of Trustees (the Board) and comprises of between 10 and 15 trustees at any one time meeting a minimum of four times each year. The Board has established four sub-committees as follows:

Current Trustees

  • Roy Cox, OBE – Chair
  • Angela Clements – Vice Chair and member of Finance Committee
  • Rodney Clark, OBE – Trustee
  • Suzanne Clark – Trustee and member of Audit and Risk Committee
  • Neil Farquharson – Honorary Trustee
  • Mike Graham – Trustee
  • Colin Hetherington – Trustee and member of Audit and Risk Committee
  • Adam Ingram – Trustee
  • John Richards, MBE – Trustee and member of Audit and Risk Committee
  • Martha Shortreed – Trustee
  • Gary Simpson – Trustee and member of Nominations Committee
  • Elspeth Talbot – Trustee

Trustees are normally appointed for a four-year term. The Directorate attend all Board meetings and are informed of decisions made by Trustees. Minutes from the Board meetings are circulated to Leadership Team members. All Leadership Team members meet as a minimum twice a year with Trustees.

In addition, two further groups influence and inform decision making at Sense Scotland:

Partnership Forum

The forum consists of Unite trade unions representations, staff representatives and senior management. The aim of the forum is to work together to ensure the success of the organisation and to tackle and solve problems and workplace challenges.

Our Voice Group

The group meets in regions across Scotland and nationally comprises of those who use our services. They contribute to our planning and strategy, discuss any issues that they have about our services as well as representing the concerns of all people who use our services across the country.


Sense Scotland is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated under the Companies Act in Scotland (Company Number SC147570) and a charity registered in Scotland (Charity Number SC022097) and which has its registered address at TouchBase, 43 Middlesex Street, Glasgow G41 1EE.