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Aims & Values

Find out about the core values behind our work and our current aims and strategic priorities.

Core values and working principles: We are committed to working to our core values and working principles. Derived from families, these enshrine the organisation’s ethos and guide the actions of all staff. Sense Scotland’s values in practice mean we will:

  • Be open and honest.
  • Recognise individual worth.
  • Build relationships through trust.
  • Act on the basis of individuals aspirations and needs.
  • Be accountable.

Working principles support our values in service provision where we will:

  • Respect and protect dignity.
  • Work in a way that provides as much privacy as possible.
  • Safeguard rights, safety and welfare.
  • Encourage as much choice as possible.
  • Enhance independence by supporting people to do as many things for themselves as possible.
  • Help people to realise personal fulfilment and make the most of opportunity.
  • Provide opportunities for learning and having fun.
  • Acknowledge the value of risk taking by assessing risk in such a way that it does not stop people trying new things.

Our current strategic priorities are:

  • Personalisation (Self Directed Support): To be the provider of choice. To be recognised for fitting our service around the needs of the individual.
  • Quality of Service: To Work in partnership with families, carers, service users, staff and other stakeholders to develop and improve service delivery and quality.
  • Sustainability and Growth: To grow our services to the benefitof the community by providing personalised, affordable and efficient services.

Gender pay gap reporting:

Read our Gender Equality Statement here