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Self-Directed Support and Personalisation

Self Directed Support (SDS) and Personalisation aims to ensure that disabled people make choices about how their support is managed. By putting people at the heart of our work, find out how can support individuals through these processes.

What is Self-Directed Support and Personalisation?

Self Directed Support (SDS), or Personalisation is where someone is given money through and individual budget to pay for the support they need.

It means they can choose what services they have and who supports them, giving them more control and choice about how they live their life.

Direct Payments and Individual Budgets can be used to control this support and help is available to manage these payments.

How we can help with Self-Directed Support

For over 25 years Sense Scotland we’ve been working with people who have communication support needs.

We specialise in supporting children, young people and adults with communication support needs to have a voice. This means we listen and make sure thesupport is right for them. We will help you the people we support through transitions that take place at all stages of life.

We believe everyone should have a choice in how they live their life and can support them in the following ways:

Support living in own home

includes help getting dressed, preparing meals, help with healthcare issues, paying bills or having a night out with friends.

Social and learning opportunities

This includes support to go to college, work experience and taking part in activities in the community.

Moving on

This includes transitions from young people’s to adult services, or at any stage of life.

Taking a short break

We can support our service users to take short break either at home or abroad. We also have respite accommodation for children and adults in some areas.

Employing staff

The people we support are fully involved in the way our trained staff support them.

Quality of life

Choose from activities including visual arts, drama, music, outdoors and healthy living opportunities – and social events.

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