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Blantyre Short Breaks’ garden project

The garden at Blantyre Short Breaks is an artistic, multi-sensory experience full of colour, texture and smell, not to mention lots of interesting stories too.

The story started with staff members and keen gardeners Susan and Ann. Only 14 months ago, the view from the bedroom windows at our short break service for adults would have been of the bins. But after a Creativity at Work course, practitioner Ann with colleague Susan, decided to transform the garden.

Local organisation TACT Health Park provided many of the plants. Ann and Susan also worked closely with the service-users who were involved from the outset, including the design.

Now the garden boasts an array of beautiful gardens within gardens that reflects the service users’ personalities.

Here’s just some of the highlights of the garden:

Ceramic display

The display was formed by a service user user from his pottery class. Teddy bears represent his favourite football team while the stars symbolise his tattoo.

The butterflies will be later used for wind-chimes which is a project residents will be involved in.

Memory well

A memory well and apple tree remember former residents who have passed away.

Fairy garden

The magical fairy garden is all things fairy such as lights, toadstools and even troll’s footprints.

The garden is also filled with the fragrant smell of lavender.


The fishpond is favourite with the residents of Blantyre Short Breaks.

Residents and staff really enjoy feeding the family of goldfish who live there, including baby goldfish.

Edible garden

Plums, strawberries, raspberries and even mint grows in the edible garden.

Residents not only like planting them but enjoy eating the produce too.

Zen garden

The hub of the peaceful Zen garden is the wooden gazebo strung with rainbow coloured lantern lights.

Whether it’s to enjoy the sun or to escape the elements, Blantyre Short Breaks’ residents enjoy sitting peacefully in the gazebo.

Bug Hotel

The newly opened bug hotel will soon welcome mini beasts from around the garden.

Future plans

The story doesn’t end there. The future plans for the garden include wind chimes, a bridge and even a butterfly kingdom.