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Malawi Project

Our Malawi project aims to increase access to education for hearing impaired children and young people. We partner with the Central Church of Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Livingstonia Synod based in Mzuzu, SIGNAL and the Woodford Foundation Scotland. The project is funded by the Scottish Government.

Andy Kerr, Sense Scotland Chief Executive said on his return from visiting the project:

“It is not often that you get the chance to see real cultural change take place.  Our project in Malawi, in partnership with the CCAP and Signal does that very thing.

The project builds from the community upwards from pupils and parents, mothers groups and parents groups, teachers, communities, village leaders, village heads and chiefs, education officials and politicians and in that building process we are positively changing attitudes for the better, we are explaining and allowing people to understand disability in terms of visual or hearing impairment as well as other disabilities, changing entirely the outlook of not just the individual but the community itself.

To hear from parents who once left their children without food or shelter due to their disability because the other children took priority and acknowledging how wrong that was is truly life changing and that is what the project in Malawi is achieving every day.”