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Matthew meets George Bowie on Clyde 1

Matthew, who is a talented musician and also has experience in presenting on radio, fulfilled an ambition by visiting a live breakfast show. Supported by our Family Adviser Pat Brown he sat in on the action as George Bowie and his team presented their breakfast show. He even got a mention for himself and Sense Scotland live on air!

Matthew said:

“I really wanted to meet George Bowie who does the Breakfast show at Clyde. I loved his crank call show with Des McLean and have all the prank call CDs. I love radio and am very interested in presenting. I mentioned to Pat about this a few weeks ago, he worked his magic and I was invited to visit George Bowie at the studio for the the last hour of his show.”

“I met George Bowie, his producer John, Shebahn who reads the travel news and Knoxy who presents the radio show after George. Knoxy and George gave me a mention live on air and Knoxy told me I have a great voice for radio. I couldn’t believe it!”

“The studio was very interesting It had lots of monitors and cables and microphones. It is soundproofed so you cant hear anything from the corridors outside. It was very exciting to be in the studio during a live broadcast and we had to be very quiet while George was talking on air but got to chat while songs were being played. I asked George’s advice on DJ equipment and he and John both gave me some very good advice. I have had some DJ lessons recently and would love to be able to do lots more DJing.”

“I talked to George about his GBX show which is his own Rave show which is also a live Rave event. I love the GBX show and George said he might be able to get me guest passes for the next event. I can’t wait! Everyone was really friendly and helpful. I had a great time. I am really keen for TouchBase to have its own internet radio show and have spoken to Pat about this…we need our own radio show and I know the perfect presenter…me!”

“Many thanks to Pat for arranging this visit. It was very much appreciated.”

Pat Brown said:

“We had a fantastic time with George Bowie at Clyde 1. Everyone went out their way to make the experience for Matthew fantastic. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible.”