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Gordon’s story

A new job for Gordon, gardening at our Dundee respite service.

We’ve supported Gordon to live independently in Dundee for a number of years, having helped him make a well planned transition from a long stay hospital in Inverness. He’s now happy and settled in his own flat, close to his family.

He always loved outdoor activities, especially with Joe Gibson, our Outdoor Activities Co-ordinator. The garden at our respite resource for adults in Dundee needed developed, so Joe worked with service manager Morag Watson, to explore ways in which Gordon could contribute. With the support of a donation of £5,000 from BT employment scheme Give As You Earn, Gordon was employed as a gardener for the respite centre.

“It’s a great opportunity for Gordon to make a real difference to the people who use ourrespite service and want to enjoy the garden,” explained Morag. “He comes along twice a week and makes sure the garden is clear and accessible.  Gordon also maintains the patio tubs by planting bulbs and flowers, he clears the garden waste for recycling and does lots of weeding.”

“Gardening at the respite centre is such an important role for Gordon.” said Joe. “He takes his responsibilities very seriously and is immensely proud of the garden and how it develops throughout the year.”

John Nicol a representative from BT who recommended the project for funding, met Gordon to see how the garden was progressing. It was a significant day for Gordon for other reasons too. He signed a contract for his new job as ‘Head Gardner’ and was given his official gardening gloves, with his name on them.

“The remodeling of the garden would not have been possible without the wonderful donation and support we have received over the years from BT. Not only has the donation enabled the garden to be a place for over 50 service users to enjoy, it has led to Gordon achieving his dream of getting a job”, said Jackie Reid, Family Adviser with Sense Scotland.