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Amanda’s story

Our arts and services can play a key role in helping people communicate and express themselves. Amanda has been participating in art, music and drama sessions at our TouchBase resource. Amanda’s mum tells us how the sessions have transformed her daughter’s personality.

“When Amanda left school it was a very stressful time for our family. We realised that she was no longer a child with complex learning needs and Epilepsy, we now had a young adult who was going to need support in all areas for the rest of her life.”

“The worry about how she would fill her day caused many a sleepless night for us. I’d been looking for activities for Amanda to get involved in now that she was going to be home 24/7. Just by chance, a friend told me about Sense Scotland.”

“I want to thank each individual member of the Arts team who have been involved with Amanda – Jon in Drama; David in Music and Audrey and Mhari in Art. They have given my daughter a personality that we had never seen in all her years at school.”

“Amanda has gone from being someone who kept her head down, arms folded and unsure of the world around her, to someone who has become more confident in her daily life and able to express herself better and communicate more appropriately.”