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Winning the war on hate crime


We went along to see Quarriers’ powerful new drama, War on Hate Crime, to learn about disabled people’s personal experiences of hate crime.

Every day disabled people in Scotland are victims of hate crime and are verbally and physically assaulted.

Quarriers’ drama aimed to raise awareness of disability hate crime and show the community that it’s happening around us – and that’s it not acceptable.

Real people, real experiences

The drama scenes were performed by the people supported by Quarriers and played out their real life experiences of hate crime.

The first scenario involved the service user on a bus, having their chair kicked then being physically assaulted.

Secondly, we learned about a service user who lived independently and experienced young people throwing stones and eggs at his window. He discussed how this made him feel and how he was scared in his own home.

We also watched a wheelchair user being assaulted in the street then having his bag stolen. We heard how frightened this made him feel.


Shereen Ryan, who is project practioner for One Giant Leap said: ‘The drama was very powerful and emotional, and at times quite difficult to watch but gave us a real insight it to what being a victim of hate crime is like’.

Shereen added: ‘We are all responsible for reporting these crimes and prompting awareness around them.’

Report hate crime

You can report hate crime on Police Scotland’s website or by callling 101.