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Swapping Scandinavia for Scotland


Sense Scotland were honoured to host a two-day meeting of the Nordic Cognition Network in TouchBase Glasgow this week.

The cognition network, which is connected to the Nordic Welfare Center (NVC) in Stockholm, Sweden, was established in 2008 and runs a project on assessment of cognition related to Congenital deafblindness (Cdb).

On Wednesday, January 24, network members opened up the final day of their meeting for a seminar which over 50 people from various organisations attended.

‘Cognition in Relation to Congenital Deafness’ explored how participants could develop their professional competence. They were encouraged to link knowledge about cognitive development in relation to congenital deafblindness to many other contexts and settings. The seminar also covered assessment related to cognition.

Speakers from Norway, Denmark and Sense Scotland’s Head of Research and Practice, Dr Paul Hart, were involved and it was the first time the NVC had hosted a seminar outside Scandinavian countries.

For further information about the seminar please email Dr Paul Hart.