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Glasgow University volunteer open day


Find out what happened what Sense Scotland went along to Glasgow University’s volunteer open day and gave students an insight into what it’s like living with sensory impairment.

The University’s volunteer programme aims to help students learn new skills as well as helping them increase their employment prospects.

We went along to let the students know all about One Giant Leap, which helps young people with disabilities make the leap from school to adult life.

Sensory awareness activity

As well as giving students information lots of information, we also invited them to take part in a sensory awareness activity. We asked them to wear blindfolds and ear defenders to give them insight how it might feel to have a multi-sensory impairment.

The students were given their own personal experience boxes to explore and they had lots of fun trying to guess what was inside. They were also given chocolate, cheese and different varieties of crisps and were supported to smell, taste and explore the objects they were given.

The students were also guided around the University, supported to climb steps and make their ways through tight spaces and walk through crowds.

‘It made me appreciate what I have’

One student said: ‘Wow! This made me really appreciate what I have’.

Another added: ‘Even though I have seen the floor, I kept thinking I was going to walk into a large crack in the floor.’

Overall the students thought it was a fantastic experience which inspired many of them to join us as volunteers.

We’re also delighted that we’ve been asked to come back to Glasgow University to help them to continue raising awareness of sensory impairment.