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Family Conference 2018

Families of people we support gathered at TouchBase Glasgow for the Family Conference on September 29th, 2018.

Chief Executive Andy Kerr welcomed families and outlined our plans to work in partnership with Enable Scotland to protect frontline services.

As well as a round table discussion and Q&A session workshops were also available on legal matters, transition in to adulthood and the ‘My Support Plan’ being implemented with people we support across Sense Scotland. Thanks to all partners who provided materials and workshops.

We had our first live weblink at the conference, so that those who couldn’t be there in person were there ‘virtually’ on the day.

“Coming along to the Conference just gave us a massive boost as a family – I felt like I was ‘among family’, surrounded by people who get the challenges of dealing with disability and I just felt incredibly supported. I would definitely come again.”

Parent attending Family Conference

Resources from the Family Conference 2018:

Andy Kerr presentation


YouTube link:

Legal Workshop, by Nicola Smith of Cairn Legal

Education Law Services

Adults with Incapacity

Factsheet: Wills and Trusts

Protecting Captial Assets

Self-Directed Support, by John Dalrymple of in-control Scotland

Self-Directed Support presentation

My Support Plan, by Dr Paul Hart and Laura Cowan of Sense Scotland

My Support Plan presentation

Transitions, by Scott Richardson-Reid of ARC Scotland

Transitions presentation