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We Care About You

You are our inspiration. We hope we are yours!

For more than 30 years you have been helping to make a difference to children and adults who are deafblind or live with a complex disability.   We thank each and every one of you, our supporters for their kindness and generosity.  Without you we could not have grown and developed as we have.  You have been on our journey with us, every step of the way now, and hopefully in future.

Sense Scotland was founded by families and our family values of openness, honesty and respect underpin the foundations of Sense Scotland and span all our activities.  As such we:-

Promise to treat every supporter with respect, dignity and understanding.

We want you to feel inspired, delighted and happy to support us and to that end you have our utmost respect.

Promise not to share your details with anyone else.

We don’t ever share details with a third party or organisation, except those working on our behalf.

Promise to respect you and your choices.

We won’t ever put undue pressure on you to make a donation to us.   If you don’t want to make a gift or wish to cancel a committed gift then we respect your decision.

Promise to keep you updated about the vital work that you fund at Sense Scotland.

We will do this via our regular newsletter, Loud and Clear, our letters, the occasional email, phone call or text and of course our website.  If you are a fan of social media then you can find us on Facebook or Twitter where you will also find out what we are up to.

Promise to fully support you in all you fundraising endeavours.

Be it jumping from the Garry Bridge in one of our abseils or a bake sale in the back yard, we promise you a pack, posters, sponsor forms and our admiration!

Promise to celebrate your success and thank you appropriately – unless of course you tell us not to!

Not everyone wants a thank you but we think it’s nice and of course right and proper. A letter, card or phone call will wing your way on receipt of your gift. If you don’t want to receive an acknowledgement then we wholly respect your wishes but THANK YOU in advance!

Promise to monitor our activity:-

On occasions we may use a fundraising agency or contractor. Our promise to you is that we regularly monitor any activity ensuring that all suppliers and contractors comply with Sense Scotland values. We promise that they will work to our strict guidelines and offer you a quality experience.

Promise to say sorry if we get it wrong!

We hope we don’t ever get it wrong but if we do then we will do everything we can to sort it out.

Promise to be there for you:-

Our fundraising team is small but friendly and we are always on hand to speak to you if you want to keep in touch. From time to time we may want to contact you. If you would rather we didn’t just call us on 0300 330 9292 or email

Sense Scotland has some written guidance about what type of gifts we accept and from whom.   If you would like a copy please write to us at:-

Sense Scotland
43 Middlesex Street
G41 1EE

We have signed up to the Fundraising Guarantee which means you can be sure our fundraising is Legal, Open, Honest and Respectful. You can read the full Fundraising Guarantee here.

We are also organisational members of the Institute of Fundraising and as such adhere to the Codes of Fundraising Practice.   More information on the work of the Institute of Fundraising can be found at

We hope that you enjoy fundraising with Sense Scotland – your help transforms lives and there can be no greater gift to give.