Parent Enabler Project

Find out how PEP could help your child

The Parent Enabler Project (PEP) provides support to families who live with in NHS Greater Glasgow area and care for disabled children up to the age of 19.



If your child needs support, you'll be facing many challenges. You may wonder what's to come and what your lives will be like. We are here for you to offer support, to increase your skills, knowledge and confidence in areas relating to your child's disability and to reduce the impact of disability on family life.

Any member of the family can use our service, including parents, carers, brothers, sisters and grandparents. We can visit families at home and it is up to you how much support you need, how often you want it and when you want it.

What we do

Together with you, we will develop an individual plan that best meets the needs and aspirations of your child and your family, in line with national guidelines.

You can access our support both at home and in the community including school reviews and hospital visits. At key transition points in your child's life we aim to help you by providing information and personal support.

We also work together with other professionals to share resources and ideas to best support children and their families.

Who we support

We support families who live in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde area and care for a child under the age of 19 who has communication support needs arising from a range of disabilities.

How we can support you

  • Provide information about services, resources, benefits and other useful contacts. We can also support you at meetings, reviews and appointments.
  • Help you meet other families to share thoughts, experience and ideas.
  • Development of support networks throughout Scotland and can help you connect with a family or a network in your area.
  • Offer practical play ideas and encouragement for play and communication. You can access specialist toys, activity resources and advice for disabled and non-disabled brothers and sisters to play together.
  • Run sibling events to allow young people who have a brother or sister with communication support needs to meet with other young people in a similar circumstance and have some fun!

Further information


Phone:0300 330 9292