Outdoor Activities

ruth outdoors, smiling.
Zoe outdoors, running.
zoe is outdoors looking through a magnifying glass at a feather being held by a support worker
lots of feet in wellies
man smiling while climbing on a frame
man sting in snow outside a tent
group sitting in the mountains of scotland
man diigging in the woods

Since 2005 Sense Scotland has offered an innovative programme of outdoor activities. This programme covers the whole of Scotland to provide and support a wide range of outdoor activities. Sessions range from gardening to climbing and can be 1:1 or group activities, focused on a specific theme or project or simply have the focus of socialising and enjoying Scotland's natural environment with friends.

Whatever the focus of the sessions, the primary aim is enjoyment of Scotland's unique outdoor environment and the development of healthy lifestyles.

For more information contact the Outdoor Activities Co-ordinator

Email: jgibson@sensescotland.org.uk

Phone: 0141 429 0294

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