Our Stories

zoe is outdoors looking through a magnifying glass at a feather being held by a support worker
Louis and Irene outdoors, Irene is smelling a flower Louis is holding.

Find out the difference Sense Scotland can make to people's lives

From adults being supported to live in their own home, to spending the day with children and young people find out from the people who use our services what Sense Scotland means to them.

  • Ruth playing with clay

    Ruth's story

    Ruth is a very lively, friendly little girl who needs support with learning and communication. Find out how Ruth and her family are supported by Sense Scotland.

  • Young man standing next to BBC reception with BBC sign on the wall

    Matthew's story

    Matthew visits the BBC and STV and finds out what goes on behind the scenes

  • two men in garden with gardening gloves

    Gordon's story

    Gordon digs in for Sense Scotland.

  • man standing next to exhibition poster

    Francis's story

    Musician Francis attends rock photography exhibition launch.