Scottish Children's Lottery awards grant

19 February 2018

More adventurous activites, trips and outings are on the cards for Sense Scotland's Rainbow, Brownies and Guides group thanks to a £13,950 grant from the Scottish Children's Lottery.

The grant will support the charity's Rainbow, Brownies and Guides group - the Bellahouston Sense Joint Unit - allowing it to expand the scope of activities.

The group, based at Sense Scotland's TouchBase Glasgow facility in Middlesex Street, caters for five to 16-year-olds with disabilities including mobility issues, sight and hearing loss and a diverse range of complex needs. It offers girls a space to enjoy new experiences, learn new skills and make new friends through Girlguiding.

Children's Lottery Award

Since its launch three years ago, the girls taking part have increased their confidence, learned new skills, made friends and benefited from being part of Girlguiding Scotland, the leading organisation for girls and young women in Scotland, just like anyone else.

"The grant award is fabulous," said Margaret MacKenzie of Sense Scotland, who oversees the group. "This is a huge learning opportunity for those involved. This group really allows them to develop friendships in a comfortable setting and work towards their badges as they would in any other Rainbow, Brownies or Guides setting.

"Thanks to everyone who has played the lottery and helped raise funds which have been awarded to our group."

Jill Elborn, lead volunteer for Girlguiding Glasgow, said: "At Girlguiding Glasgow we're committed to giving all girls a safe space where they can enjoy new experiences, learn new skills, and grow in confidence, all while having loads of fun.

"The joint Rainbow, Brownie and Guide unit at Sense Scotland's TouchBase is a brilliant example of this ethos in action, supporting girls age five to 16 with complex needs to join in the fun and adventure of Girlguiding.

"We're delighted that this generous funding from the Scottish Children's Lottery will enable the group to enjoy new experiences and trips and to make more amazing memories together."

The Scottish Children's Lottery was launched in October 2016 to raise money for children in Scotland, with proceeds helping to improve the lives of children right across the country and make a real difference to those who need it most.

Kirsteen Campbell is trustee of Chance to Connect which operates as a society lottery under the Scottish Children's Lottery. She said: "I am delighted that we are able to provide funding for Sense Scotland from the monies generated from the Scottish Children's Lottery which was established in order to promote and support the development and potential of children and young people in Scotland. Thank you to those who play the Scottish Children's Lottery; you are helping to support the great work that our charities undertake."

Picture by Delphine Porre