Sense Scotland and the gender pay gap


As an organisation with more than 250 employees Sense Scotland is required to publish information on our gender pay gap. This is an equality measure that shows the difference in average earnings between women and men.

Our mean gender pay gap is 3.3% with average earnings for males higher than for females. Our median gender pay gap is 0%.

Sense Scotland's Equality Commitment

Sense Scotland is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging equality and diversity in our workforce. This approach is grounded in a fundamental commitment to human rights, and made explicit in organisational policy, which includes an assurance of equality and fairness in respect of gender.

Sense Scotland does not discriminate on grounds of gender, and complies in full with the Equality Act 2010. Our organisational values stress the importance of recognising individual worth, and make no distinction based on gender.

All Sense Scotland employees are remunerated according to set pay scales, regularly reviewed and agreed by employee representatives through our Partnership Forum and single union recognition agreement with Unite the Union. This ensures all employees are paid the same rate for the job regardless of gender (or any other difference). Men and women enjoy equal pay.

Sense Scotland will strive to reduce and ultimately eliminate our mean gender pay gap and will report progress annually in line with our legal obligations.

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