Public Policy

It's important that the disabled people we support, their families and carers can find out about government policy and what it means for them.

Central to our work is listening to your views about health, education and the services you want to access. More than that we want to make sure that your thoughts and views are heard by government.

  • DLA and Benefits changes

    The Westminster Government is changing DLA to become Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Everyone of working age who currently receives DLA will have to undergo a re-assessment to decide if they are entitled to receive the new benefit. Find out more here, including a copy of the assessment provider pledges here.

  • Self Directed Support

    Some local authorities are already introducing their own versions of 'personalisation' and 'Self Directed Support'. The Scottish Parliament has passed the Self Directed Support Bill and it will become law in 2014, once the regulations which underpin it have been agreed. We will post a link to the consultation soon.

  • Hardest Hit Campaign

    The Hardest Hit campaign isn't over!

    Disability Agenda Scotland organised the events in October 2011 and 2012 on behalf of the Disability Benefits Consortium – both of which Sense Scotland is a member. The campaign is, of course, open to all to participate in. You can follow The Hardest Hit campaign.