Super Sponge Appeal

10 April 2018

Find out how your support can turn a simple sponge into a Super Sponge!

Bath time should be fun with giggles and laughter for mum, dad and baby. But what happens when you can't hear the water or see the bubbles? When water comes at you without expectation or explanation it can be a scary do you tell a child who has a complex sensory impairment that it's bath time?

Well, we use a sponge! By handing a child a sponge and then gently introducing them to water, over time the child recognises that it's bath time. They know what's ahead and know they don't need to be scared. Bath time can become enjoyable.

Sponge 3

Our spring appeal is asking supporters to help provide "super sponge" communication sessions to help parents and carers create special moments.

For £25 a session it's the chance for families to have some fun, pull funny faces and make their child giggle, making memories that they'll remember forever.

Gillian McCrory, Children and Families Manager at Sense Scotland, explains: "Life with a child with a disability is challenging, especially if you cannot explain to your child what's about to happen. Our sponges are signifiers, they signify to the child what's ahead.

"We've watched miracle moments, where parents have cried with joy and happiness when their child reacted or responded to simple moments, like understanding a bath. Those moments are priceless...and so too is your help and support. By giving a gift we can continue to support our families when they need it."

If you would like to support our sponge appeal why not click here to make a gift online? Alternatively give our fundraising team a call on 0300 330 9292. Your gift really will make all the difference to our families.

How your gifts help

£25 - Help a disabled child understand when it's time for a bath (with a sponge of course)

£60 - Help a disabled child get creative in a sensory play session

£140 - Help parents and carers get one-to-one support with a trained advisory worker

£332 - Help a family get the break they need with a Sense Scotland holiday