Our Voice member stories

Get to know our service consultation group members and find out what happens at the Our Voice group meetings.

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My name is Aaron I am a 50 year old man from Penilee. I have been coming to Sense Scotland for over two years and I just love it! I go along to group services on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, I enjoy it and like to see my friends. On a Monday when I come I enjoy a pamper day where I get my nails done and I relax in the foot spa, I do lots of different activities including a photography group and different art sessions.

On a Wednesday I attend indepen-dance at the Tramway, I like this a lot and I have travelled around the world performing different dance routines, I have travelled to London, Italy, Spain, Belfast, Germany and many more. It is hard work but I enjoy doing it.

I have been attending the Our Voice meetings for about a year I like to speak out about different things that affect people with disabilities for example wheelchair access on buses and public places. I like to also get involved with different things to raise money too. And of course I like the cakes and coffee too!




Hello I am Alan I am twenty years old and I have recently moved into my own flat in Glasgow, I have been attending Sense Scotland for five  years I go to Group services which I really enjoy, my favourite things to do there are Cooking, Basketball and Dancing. I also go to the One Giant Leap project which I really enjoy and recently I have been learning about Candle making.

When I am at home I enjoy watching EastEnders, I live at home with my mum and I have a big sister called Laura who I am close with we visit each other often.

I am a new members coming along to the Our Voice, I have attended the last three months and I have enjoyed being part of the group, so far it has been good and I would like to keep coming. I enjoy hearing about the foodbank and I am able to see the donations on my way in and out of Touchbase




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Everyone in the group has a sign name and my sign name is 'happy man'. I live in Glasgow and attend Adult Services at TouchBase Glasgow.

I like helping people, tidying up, making tea and I will offer to support others in wheelchairs or hold the door open for people.  I also like to go out and about visiting different places. I recently went to Celtic Park for a tour and also enjoy runs down to the beach. I will often gather pictures and leaflets from the venues I visit the pictures.

I am also a volunteer with the One Giant Leap program where I enjoy helping younger people to build friendships.

I started with Our Voice a year ago, the meetings are good and it's a good idea. I like being with people here at TouchBase. Planning the conference and learning things with the Partners in Communication team and different staff has been good. I've learned how to be a better listener. I like the changes to the group - it's got bigger. I also enjoy getting the chance to speak to all my friends and to the staff about all different things.



I am Amir I am 30 years old and I currently live at Over Bridge. I am a very sociable and friendly man, I work with Touchbase's admin team on a Thursday. Other things I enjoy doing are going for walks, going to the cinema or bowling, swimming but my favourite thing to do is go out for a meal, I particularly enjoy going to Frankie and Benny's.  Recently I started following the slimming world plan and I have really enjoy it and like trying all the new recipes, this has also enabled me to develop on my cooking skills too.  I have been feeling better about my health since following this plan and I now have more energy so I have begun going to gym classes so far my favourite ones are Kettlebell classes and Body attack.

I recently took part in a Gung-ho challenge which I done with The One Giant Leap project where I ran for 5km while completing an inflatable obstacle course, it was so much fun and we managed to raise lots of money!

I have been a member of The Our Voice group for a while I like to come along to the meetings and see my friends and the Our Voice Staff, I like to be included in the decision making and discussing different good ideas.




Hi, my name is Craig I am a 24 year old man from Dundee. I have been with Sense Scotland since 2000 I come Monday to Friday at Dundee support services.

Things i enjoy to do include going to Baxter oar walking group and attending Gordon's music group at Hillview resource centre. I also like to do drama at the Rep in Dundee and in my spare time I enjoy going to Bolllywood dancing, I like to do art and play board games as well as watching dvds and relaxing listening to music.

I became a member of Our Voice in 2014, I enjoy seeing my friends every month and catching up with them and hearing what they have been doing. I also look forward to the annual conference it's a great laugh and I like catching up with Andy Kerr.

I enjoy that I can be independent and can express my feeling with the group.



My Name is Dylan, I am twenty years old and I live with my family in Penilee, I live with my mum and step dad along with my two younger brothers Colin(13) and Campbell(8). I come along to Sense Scotland and access Group services I enjoy being part of Sense Scotland and I like the variety of activities I do, I love art and design and I like to create plans to make my own inventions. I have recently begun a voluntary job with Free wheel north,  Free Wheel North is a cycling development charity in Glasgow devoted to the right of everyone to access health, fresh air and exercise. Part of my roles and responsibilities there are keeping an eye on the track traffic, I enjoy it a lot and it keeps me focused.

At the Our Voice meetings I like thinking of new ideas, and I have enjoyed discussing new laws and things that affect me in the community, As part of this group I get to make decisions and the group support's me to understand things. "I like my opinions being heard, the world is our oyster - I like it"

I of course the Cakes too!




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I have my own flat with Sense Scotland's Housing Support Service in Dundee. I was born in 1980 and have been involved with Sense Scotland since 1985. I work as a volunteer in a Sense Scotland shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays and like operating the till.

I look forward to taking every day as it comes in life and enjoy a variety of activities and social groups including going to the gym, swimming, music group and radio group and of course attending the Our Voice meetings.

I became a member of the Our Voice group in 2005. In May 2014 I enjoyed celebrating 10 years of the Our Voice group and took part in many different activities. I enjoy taking part in group discussions such as on the referendum or other issues affecting disabled people. I enjoy discussing up and coming events as well as past events we've taken part in.

I've also taken on new responsibilities including transcribing the minutes to braille (this is important to me as I am blind, myself) and setting up the new banners for the group. The best thing about the group is meeting new people and maintaining friendships as well as having our voice heard by others.



I was born in 1991 I live in Glasgow and have been with Sense Scotland for a very long time. I like my weekly activities like music, art and woodwork. I've recently been on holiday with my parents and my brother who also come to Sense Scotland. We went on a cruise to Russia and Germany.

I enjoyed the Commonwealth games in Glasgow and I went to the closing ceremony - I loved listening to Lulu and Kylie.

My favourite things to discuss at the Our Voice meetings are when we are planning events like Christmas parties or the annual conference. I've learned lots about the referendum. The best thing about the meetings is when we do our introductions and everyone signs their sign names. I like hearing different service users' stories and getting to know them and I like learning about new topics and passing on information to other service users who don't come to meetings.

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I was born in 1987 and I live in Broughty Ferry. I have my own flat however I remain in close contact with  my family, I am a triplet and have a close relationship with my two sisters, I also have an older brother and see my mum and dad often too.

I've attended Sense Scotland's friendship group since  2006 and joined the Our Voice consultation group in 2014.I love football and I am a huge Dundee football club and Manchester  United.  I work two days a week at an after school club.. I visit my friend at their house every other week, travelling independently by train. I've lived in my own house since 2007 and have five hours of support - I love having my own house and my independence is very important to me.

I have been to the Our Voice conference several times, giving presentations on the work of the friendship group and officially became a member of the Dundee Our Voice group in the summer of 2014. The thing I like about coming to the Our Voice meetings is getting the opportunity to talk about important things like transport and housing. I've only been attending the Our Voice group for a short time but I like finding about things that are going on and getting the chance to represent Sense Scotland service users, and young disabled people on important issues.



Hi my name is Helen, I am 58 years old and in live in Glasgow with my family, I currently go to Group services within Touchbase. I enjoy going here and love playing games with my friends, I like when we go outside and do ball games. I come to group services on a Tuesday, Wednesday and a Friday.  On Mondays I go to Nethercraigs sports centre where a enjoy doing a range of different sports including using the sports track. I also enjoy playing games and socialising when I'm there.

I am a very sociable lady and I enjoy being with others and socialising I enjoy going out for a drink to different pubs and restaurants, my favourites are "Gesh" and "Olivier's". I enjoy day trips too where I will take lunch out with me and go somewhere nice like Prestwick.

I am have been attending the Our Voice meetings for a while and I feel like people listen to me when I am at these meetings, we talk about a lot of different things, I spoke with the Police and I have pictures with them too. At the meetings you listen to people then they listen to you, we also get tea!



I'm 29 years old and I live in Glasgow. I've been going to Sense Scotland for about 11 years, since I was at school and college. I use TouchBase Glasgow Adult Services on Monday through to Friday.

I like to socialise and talk to friends and support workers. I like to help out in TouchBase when I can. I help out as a Drama Assistant with the Arts team on a Tuesday. I also help out at the Inspire Class and I run a music session on a Wednesday. I was recently away to London to perform in a show called "The Dancer" - I love to dance. I went to Manchester for with my two sisters to go on the Coronation Street Tour and the Trafford Centre.

I've been a member of the group for about three years. I've attended the Conferences and I think they are a great idea. I like to discuss issues within the group and make plans. I like that we talk about issues in the news such as the referendum. The name of the group has recently changed to "Our Voice" - I really like it. It's easier to say.

I've tasks to carry out including dealing with the lunch vouchers. Being part of the group has made me more confident, which has also made me more able to take part in other groups and activities over the years I've also learned to sign my name.
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My name is Jackie, I am 46 years old and my birthday is June the 13th, I currently live at home with my family in Glasgow. Me and My family are going to Devon in 2017 for the special Olympics and I am really looking forward to this, I will be going with my Dad, Sister and her husband.

I love coming to Touch Base and I go to group services which I love on a Tuesday and Friday. I like to see my friends and I enjoy a laugh and a joke - a bit of a carry on. On a Monday I go to a bowling club on a Monday and on Wednesdays I enjoy indepen-dance classes, I love to dance and my favourite song to dance too is Gangnam style! On a Wednesday I go to the gym I have recently begun trying to become healthier and I have done great at this and will inform people around me of how much weight I am loosing each week.

As part of the Our Voice conference 2016 I gave a presentation on healthy eating and the importance of watching our weight and sugar intake, I gave examples of healthy food exchanges and also with my co-presenter I showed the audience how much a pound of fat is!    I have been a member with the Our Voice group for ten months, I like to come along to the meetings and share my opinions with friends and the staff, I recently done the hate crime training and then got presented with a certificate. I also have took part in the deciding of wither of not to get Our Voice lanyards - we did! And I like mines. Now we are deciding if we would like to get Our Voice T-shirts.



Hi my name is James and I am 48 years old and I live in Cardonald, near Glasgow. I have been coming along to Sense Scotland for a year, during the week I come along to Group services which I really enjoy. I like to keep busy and my hobbies include reading the newspaper, I enjoy the evening times and the daily record, I also like watching EastEnders and listening to music. My favourite musician is Rod Stewart I went to see him in concert once and would like to go again as he was great! I have his books and c.d's in the house.

I have been coming along to the Our Voice meeting since I started with Sense Scotland and I enjoy it. I like seeing my friends and having time to chat to them about different stuff, I like talking about fundraising and I want us to raise money to get Our Voice T-shirts, I also enjoy eating all the cakes!



I'm 20 years old and I live in Glasgow. I've been coming to Sense Scotland for a number of years in Children and Families and now in Adult Support Services.

I'm very outgoing and I really enjoy having a laugh with people around me. I'm deaf and use sign language, facial expressions and body language to communicate. I go to TouchBase Adult Support Services on a Monday. I enjoy going to the gym to build up my physique, as I like to stay in shape, however, I like my grub just as much so I need support to pick healthy options.

I help out as a volunteer with the One Giant Leap project from 3.30pm to 6.30pm. I also enjoy going to Scouts. On a Tuesday, I work in TouchBase as a Woodwork Assistant to James Finlayson and I am very proud of the work we have done and collect my wages independently.

I enjoy lots of different activities and being on the go. I'm a Rangers fan and sometimes go to watch them at Ibrox. I also enjoy transport that can go fast, such as cars, motorbikes, boats and planes.

I've been a member of the group since February 2014. I like to discuss issues within the group and make plans. I'm really looking forward to being involved in the next Our Voice conference. The name of the group has recently changed to "Our Voice", which I enjoy signing. I went to a conference in Leeds recently, where I met a lot of other young people, whom I had a great laugh with and did a short presentation to the conference about my life. I love all of being part of this group.

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My name is Kathryn; I am 26 years old and live in Edinburgh.  I have been with Sense Scotland for three years now. I going to university and studying for my Masters of Science in Applied Social Research (for short Mscasr). The most exciting thing for me at the moment is looking forward to graduating for the second time from university in June 2016!

I like my guide dog, Ivo and I enjoy volunteering.

I like listening to audiobooks, music, watching DVD's and the Archer's on Sunday mornings.  My favourite artists are Pink, Lemar, Elvis Presley, Casada, Avril, Westlife and any pop ballads as well. I like my computer and emailing friends.  I like eating out at my favourite restaurants in Edinburgh with friends.

I am also a Mental Health First-Aider and I hope to become an instructor for this course as soon as I can. Just now I spend my weeks between walking Ivo, going up to university, attending Our Voice or RNIB events or sometimes Haggeye National Meetings. I go on holiday once a year with my family to a cottage usually in the UK with our three dogs.  I have Ivo a big golden Labrador who is 9,5 years old, my mum has Jasper a Calvier King Charles Spaniel who is also almost 10 years old and my aunt and uncle have Tilly a cocker spaniel crossed poodle who is 2 years old and adorable.

Our Voice

I first became a remote member of Our Voice about 2 years ago.  I have been involved in Glasgow regional meetings, some joint meetings and love it.  I like discussing new events that are coming up, planning events and discussing anything disability related.  I like the meetings, meeting old friends from school and meeting new people.  I also enjoy being able to air things and being open to suggestions. I think the best thing about the group is that it is open to all degrees of disability and no one is excluded, ignored or rejected. Everyone knows sighted guiding at Sense Scotland and they help in the smallest most unexpected ways possible.

My best thing is to be me when I'm at Our Voice meetings. I love getting involved with new projects like the hate crime and police scotland.



I was born in 1976 and have been with Sense Scotland since 1985. I now access Housing Support services and have my own flat in Dundee. I attend our local walking group, rebound, radio group, advocacy group, music and drama and arts and crafts clubs. I recently enjoyed a Sense Scotland Fun Day in Fife, a BBQ in Tulideph and I'm currently rehearsing for another organised event in Dundee. I like socialising with friends and also meeting new people by attending lots of social events.

In 2004 I joined the Our Voice group and have enjoyed raising awareness of issues that affect service users. I'm currently discussing organizing a Fun Day for service users, using money I could raise through busking. My brother Ewen also attends the Our Voice group and the radio group and we go to the pub together on a Friday night. We are both accomplished accordion players and raise money for Sense Scotland.

I like socialising with friends and also meeting new people by attending lots of social events.

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I live in Forfar, was born in 1983 and have been involved with Sense Scotland since my 17th birthday.

On Mondays I work at a Sense Scotland charity shop and then visit my local pub in the evening. On Tuesdays I have my cleaning routine at the flat and I may go for a walk. Wednesdays, I go swimming and the gym or the Radio Group then I have my slimming club in the evening. Thursdays, I attend a music group or an Our Voice meeting. On Fridays I go shopping and at the weekends I like chilling out at the flat or visiting family.

I became a member of the Our Voice group in 2004 and we recently celebrated 10 years of the group. We have a yearly conference and as a part of the group we do a lot of fun activities and take part in a lot of group discussions. Being a member of the group has made me more confident and I am able to voice my opinions clearly. I've learned more about politics and policies and many more aspects of daily living.

Working in the Sense Scotland charity shop has also taught me skills such as timekeeping, handling money, working with members of the public and has taught me responsibility.

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Our Voice Yvonne

I've been coming to Sense Scotland for over 18 years and live independently in my own flat.

I have two jobs. I work in Sense Scotland's TouchBase cafe and also on the reception desk. I enjoy both because I like to meet and help people.

I like to beat my support worker at dominos and uno on Fridays and we also like to cook.

I've been attending Our Voice for over nine years and I like to share ideas and help to make changes for the better.