What we do

Man dancing in front of backlit blue projection
Man looking upwards, two pictures in background
Girl hodling womans face in Kelvingrove art gallery
Wheels and coloured projections

Sense Scotland Arts provides inclusive opportunities for people with complex needs to engage with the arts as artists, participants & audiences. We also provide tailored education, training & consultancy to further access and equal opportunity more widely.
At the core of our work, we recognise the value of the arts in creating opportunities to explore individual wants, feelings, choices and interests, as well as forming relationships and shared experiences within an informal learning environment. We have found that the arts have proven effective in developing and building interpersonal skills, self-confidence and self-awareness and provide the opportunity to venture from routine in a safe environment.
Our experienced facilitators work across art forms including performance, visual art, craft, music and new media to deliver sessions tailored to individual needs and create opportunities for artists we support to fulfill their artistic ambitions and creative practice.

  • a support worker and service user painting

    Visual Art

    Find out more about our visual art sessions here. Sensory materials, textures, smells, sounds...

  • someone is getting wet in the rain, another person holds up an umbrella


    Find out more about our drama sessions here. Improvisation, touch, sound, movement...

  • two service users being supported at woodwork


    Find out more about our woodcraft sessions here. Materials, shapes, textures, colours...

  • a service user and music tutor rehersing


    Find out more about our music sessions here. Vibration, rhythm, movement...