Year of Natural Scotland

Sensory Mapping Public Sculpture

Tuesday 18th February, 11am - 2pm.
Haddo Country Park, Aberdeenshire

The North East Sensory Mapping Artists will showcase their completed Sculpture.

The Sensory Mapping project marks Sense Scotland's contribution to the Year of Natural Scotland, 2013. The project focuses on three different locations up and down the country, with artists and walking guides leading groups of participating artists on walks into the outdoors, exploring different trails and experiencing Scotland's countryside.

The North East Sensory Mapping Project is based at Haddo Country Park, Aberdeenshire. The artist group have been visiting the park on a weekly basis throughout 2013 exploring its nooks and crannies, familiarising themselves with its beautiful park land full of unusual as well as indigenous species of tree and plant life. The collection of found objects and recording of time in the park by drawing and photographing, all fed into the development of a permanent art piece, which will be placed within the the Haddo House grounds. The final sculpture will act as a tactile map of the landscape, incorporating the perceptions of each individual and leaving a lasting legacy, passing on the memories that have been formed over the course of the project.

The group will share their work at Haddo Country Park on the 18th of February between 11am and 2pm. The project can be followed at-